Monday, June 19, 2023

Draft Analyzer is a completely free program that assists in drafting your fantasy football team by suggesting picks and predicting the picks of your opponents to give you an edge. This program can also be used to simulate random mock drafts. Draft Analyzer uses average draft position (ADP) data from either standard or point per reception (PPR) leagues of various team sizes. Last Updated: 19, June 2023.

Different prediction types include: Best available by ADP, Optimal One Pick Pick, and Optimal Two Pick Predictions.
Click here for more about draft analyzer's features and predictors

How to Use
1. Enter in the number of teams, roster settings and scoring type in the league settings table.
2. Begin drafting players. Type in the player name and click the "Draft Player" button.
3. If you want to make a prediction for the current pick, select your prediction type and click the show prediction button. Predicted picks are in italics.
4. If simulating a mock draft use the "Mock Pick" button to randomly simulate the next pick.
5. When your draft is complete select your team number and click the "Rate Team" button to export your draft to the Rate My Team Program.

League Settings Export Current Draft
Number of Starting Max Number of Team Number:
QB's: QB's:
RB's: RB's: Show Prediction if x is Drafted
WR's: WR's: Optimal Two Pick Prediction
TE's: TE's: Optimal One Pick Prediction
DEF's: DEF's: Best Available By ADP
K's: K's: User Input Player
FLEX: PLAYERS: User Input:
Number of Teams:


Unknown said...

LeSean McCoy is not in the analyzer

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