Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well, I haven't been posting much lately as you can tell mainly because I was busy with class and work and this website proved to be a larger project than I had planned but I was just doing some fantasy football research and decided I may as well post who I like for the next season. And just to point out a few trends for the year based on forums I bet that next year will be a very QB heavy first round in your draft so be ready for that. If you miss a big run of QB's don't be afraid to go RB or WR. I am also leaning towards a stud RB this year unless I can get my boy Aaron Rodgers. Anyway here's my sleeper list, its pre NFL draft so take it for what its worth..

I'm going to start off with a few returning players who were injured last year.

Kenny Britt- He's coming off a torn ACL and MCL but the injury was in the beginning of the year and I think that for a WR and with todays medical technology he should be fine by the beginning of the year, this article also really encouraged me Kenny Britt Tennessean Newspaper Article . Last year he was drafted around round 8 and he only played 2 full games but he managed a stat line of 17 catches 289 yards and 3 touchdowns. If he even comes close to that as my WR2 or 3 he will be a star.

Jamaal Charles - I'm not sure how far he's going to slide and he surely would be a risky pick, I loved him last year going into the season so I hope that he slides I think he could be a good pick this year.

Peyton Manning - The story of the offseason and he is now a Bronco. If he can come back to form he should do quite well as this Broncos team is better than any team he was on in Indy. Right now Peyton is shaping to go fairly late in most fantasy drafts so he could be someone to keep in mind come draft day.

Fred Jackson - He broke a bone in his leg last year but prior to that he was averaging 5.49 yards per carry through 10 games which is very impressive, people always sleep on Bills players and Fred Jackson has never gotten the recognition he deserves. I expect him to outplay his ADP this year.

Alright these guys weren't injured anymore

Stevan Ridley/ Shane Veeren - Ridley had more playing time during 2011 which is obviously a good sign, but Veeren was the higher draft pick (both were rookies in 2011). Take your pick, personally I'm not a big fan of Patriot running backs and Woodhead is in the mix as well, but one of these guys will be a steal.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis - He is now a Bengal, personally I'm not a big fan of BJGE because I don't like his pinball running style but Marvin Lewis of the Bengals recently said he believes BJGE is a three down running back. In todays game the NFL is all going into RBBC style so that is very valuable none the less.

RGIII - He's a rookie quarterback but hes the type of player that can score a lot of fantasy points with both his arm and his leg, he very well could be a steal this year just like Cam Newton was last year. The same could be said about Luck but he is more of a pocket passer so I believe fantasy-wise RGIII will be the better pick at least for his rookie season. (I'm not going to speculate much on any rookies right now besides these two because its pretty set where they are headed)

Isaac Redman - A lot of people liked Redman better than Mendenhall anyway but with Redman performing well after Mendenhall went down with a torn ACL his odds look very good to star the season with the job. I believe he will be able to run with the job from there.

Randall Cobb - With Driver likely to either retire, play for another team or take on a reduced roll the upside of Randall could be great. He would still have a crowded field of WR's but he also has punt and kick return duty. Another WR from the Packers that could be worth a look as a sleeper is James Jones.

Percy Harvin - The guy plays extremely hard and I live in Minnesota and I read in the paper recently the coach saying they weren't going to limit his snap count as much this year. His main problem is that he is a small guy who always plays as hard as possible and doesn't shy from contact thus he is somewhat injury prone. Last year with AP out he was putting up tons of points, if Ponder can improve at all this year he should be a good pick up.

That's all for now, I'll post more when I have time.


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Kevin said...

Thanks a lot I try my best, 2012 was a good year for me fantasy wise just hoping 2013 ends up just as good!

Raden Fahrul said...

hoho,, good article..

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