Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aaron Rodgers is a safe bet for the number one Fantasy Football QuarterbackThe rankings for quarterbacks are up! Who will be my number one? Rodgers or Vick?? You can check it out and see! I ranked the top 35 quarterbacks based on standard settings. I also included a comment for each. Look forward to me adding my sleepers and busts. It will be up as soon as I finish the rankings. Running backs will be up next very soon!!! Follow my blog for more, updated weekly once the pre-season starts and throughout the season. I will also update once the lock out ends so stay tuned if you want to win your fantasy league this year!

Our Number 2 Fantasy Football Quarterback for 2011 is Michael VickWho's your number one?? Is it Vick or Rodgers?? Comment back and tell me!

Check out my rankings by clicking the links on the top of the page or these.
2011Wide Receiver Rankings
2011 Runningback Rankings
2011 Quarterback Rankings


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