Saturday, July 9, 2011

Have you ever found yourself scrambling for time when its your turn in the late rounds of a fantasy draft and you don't know who to draft? If so then your problem could be that you haven't practiced drafting. Just like anything else in life, practice makes perfect.

Mock drafts will help you to recognize what round you need to take your target quarterback, or when the tight end run is going to happen so you aren't left with a mediocre tight end. In fantasy football mock drafts are the perfect practice. Mock drafts should be done at least a few times every year if you are serious about winning your fantasy football league.  The mock drafts you did in 2010 are no longer useful for 2011 and new mock drafts should be done because all of the players change and sometimes the overall picture can change significantly.

While you are doing your mock drafts you should keep your eyes open for when players that you like and hope to draft are being drafted. Your going to want to try to find a mock draft with league settings as similar to yours as possible. It's usually best to do it on the site that you do your fantasy football league on. Player rankings provided by the mock draft host are usually different than the player rankings on your fantasy football league site and the default player rankings sway how people draft a lot. You want to find players who's ADP is higher than what you ranked them on your cheat sheet.

As I mentioned earlier looking for positional trends is very important. This is most important for positions that don't have a lot of depth. Watch for when the top tier QB's get drafted and also when the 2nd tier starts to get drafted. You do not want to miss out on a solid quarterback. The tight end trend is even more important. Usually as soon as someone takes Antonio Gate's then within the same round or in the next round Dallas Clark and Jermichael Finley will be drafted. Followed shortly by Jason Witten and Vernon Davis. Don't miss out on the tight end run if you miss out on a solid tight end in the draft then odds are you won't have one all season.

The defense trend is also one to watch for during your fantasy football mock draft. The top defenses like the Steelers and Packers will be drafted quite a few rounds earlier then the rest of the defense. If you plan on targeting an all star defense then you should scout out what round they are being taken (personally I stream defenses and take one in the last or second to last round).

Most mock draft sites also provide the average draft position or ADP from the data collected on their mock draft software. You should check this out to verify your findings from your mock draft experience. If you are in a hurry then this can be used to help you find the trends I listed above instead of mock drafts. Doing the fantasy football mock draft yourself is better in the long run though because you also get the added practice of trying to predict who your opponents will take between your two picks.

The bottom line is that fantasy football mock drafts provide the practice you need to recognize what round trends will start. They also help you to spot when the players your targeting will be draft and how everyone else views players. If your anything like me then doing mock drafts shouldn't be a chore, they should be fun. I enjoy doing mock drafts every now and then so give it a try you might enjoy it and it will surely help you win your fantasy football league in 2011.


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